Making your post-Christmas cleanup a breeze, we now offer Tree Removal and Mulching Services.

We remove the tree, typically wrapped in a tarp (not always necessary), and clean up when done.

COVID-19 FRIENDLY: Employees and customers wear masks and adhere to social distancing. New gloves are worn for each removal.


  • If you paid for removal/mulching when you purchased your tree, you are all set.
  • The cost of removal depends on size of tree and your location
  • Tree Pricing:
    • Under 8′ trees: $50
    • 8-10′ trees: $75
    • Over 10′ trees: $100

  • Location Pricing:
    • Within 5 miles of Seaport Tree Lot: Free
    • Over 5 miles from Seaport: +$10
    • Over 10 miles from Seaport: +$25
    • Over 15 miles from Seaport: $45.
  • After booking your removal, we will send you an invoice to pay with any credit card
  • You will be able to leave an optional tip when paying invoice

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